Photographer: @trish_vee on instagram

Photographer: @trish_vee on instagram

Alyssa Ciamp is a scientist, writer and will, eventually, be a ghost.  She received her B.S. in psychology in 2016 then her M.S. in experimental psychology in 2017.  Her master's thesis explored  risk factors for depression in men and implications of possible, alternate symptoms of depression not explored in the current diagnostic criteria. On top of being Stoked as Hell about psychological research, Alyssa is a poet and an artist. In an effort to work on writing every day and combat perfectionism, Alyssa began a daily poem series on Twitter. In addition to poetry, Alyssa also collages using vintage Life magazines, old textbooks and various other found ephemera. These collage journals are found on this site as well.

Currently, Alyssa is interested in exploring Nostalgia. She’s not sure where this will lead creatively but is excited to begin.    


"DOPE AF and A SCIENCE BABE ANGEL SCRIBE uWu" -Ariel Tipa (@ahhhrielle)

"Alyssa is very wow um uhh very um perfect + good. omg also dreamy and a true mf sweetie" -a tulip in a cup (@veryhighlybad)

"A talented and prolific angel poet from heaven sent to this earth to delight us with her divine poetry and, most importantly, to educate us mere mortals on how to kiss good." -Natasha West (@barfbabe)

"Sometimes sits too close to me but gives good hugs" -Danielle Ciamp (@danielleciamp)

"Definitely a good person" Ali (@barfield)

"She posts a lot about kissing and ghosts!" Hedonic Treadmill (@HedonicRunner)


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